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Stripe Out Lambswool Blanket - Dawn

Stripe Out Lambswool Blanket - Dawn

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Warm toned duo of Peach and Maroon stripes with a hint of cool blues on the edge. 

Mid weight Lambswool very soft to the touch, light handle and with just enough give on the knit tension to feel like a warm hug. Pre-washed and tumble dried for a fuss free winter time.

2,00m X 1,30m

100% Lamswool

Made in Britain

Machine wash on cold setting, do not tumble dry on high heat. Finish drying on flat surface.

The colours of our imagery may appear slightly different from the physical product depending on monitors and devices you view it from and will differ depending on the lighting conditions of your interiors - like light bulb warmth and wall colours. This shouldn't interfere in any way on the product's quality and performance and it will add an unique touch to each home. Slight differences in dimension may occur due to the nature of knit.  

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