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Mystic Mycelium Throw 2nd Edition

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Your order will come with a beautiful hand-printed signed and editioned print by India!

The beloved Mushroom Blanket in collab with India Rose Bird is back for a limited 2nd edition in a brand new colourway that perfectly mirrors the nature of Japanese Washi paper and woodcut printing: a warm off white & matte black.

India's wood engraving prints are inspired by folklore, mythology and the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. Ambar's take on her Mystic Mycelium artwork celebrates the fun, psychedelic nature this enchanted forest filled with mushrooms and lil night creatures! 

100% Woolmark-certified Merino wool knit jacquard

Carefully crafted in the UK

170cm x 115cm 

Hand wash in cold water

The colours on the throw may appear slightly different depending on the angle you view it from.

Please note that some very slight differences in dimension may occur due to the nature of knit.